• Netcreations Partnership

    These email lists are managed Postmaster Direct, they are a opt-in email marketing service operated by NetCreations, Inc. We have partnered with NetCreations because they care as we do about your online privacy.

    To ensure that you do not get spammed, all mailing lists managed by NetCreations require a double opt-in procedure. Which means that your email address will only be added to the email list if you confirm the subscription by replying to email sent to you by NetCreations. If you do not reply to the email, your name will not be added to the list. If you choose to, you may also take your name off the list at any time by forwarding any promotional email that you receive from us to NetCreations' deletion address (see instructions below). Netcreations List Member Guarantee

    1. Your privacy will be protected.

      At NetCreations, we respect your right to privacy. Your name, email address, zipcode and any other identifying information that you give us will not be revealed to any of the direct marketers who rent our lists. Should we ever change our policy, you will be given the chance to remove yourself from our lists before your information is disclosed.

    2. You will not be spammed.

      We hate spamming, and we know that you do, too. When you sign up for our PostMasterDirect.com mailing lists, you will receive commercial email messages only about those topical categories that you have selected. Before any mailing goes out, our staff personally screens each marketer's message to make sure that it's relevant to the list's topic.

    3. You will be able to get off our lists at any time, no questions asked.

      Just because you joined a list a month ago doesn't mean you want to stay on it forever. Every PostMasterDirect.com message we send out is coded with a special header and footer that allows you to remove your name from all lists automatically by forwarding the message to deleteall@postmasterdirect.com. We also offer a Subscription Review Service at http://review.postmasterdirect.com that enables you to unsubscribe from specific lists and update your personal profile

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      If you have any questions about our List Member Guarantee, please contact NetCreations President Rosalind Resnick at rosalind@netcreations.com.

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